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Let's Admit We All Have PTSD

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that at least 3.5% of U.S. adults experience PTSD every year. I am sure we can agree that the 2020 public health crisis of a global pandemic; persistent exposure to horrendous social injustices, directly or indirectly via social media are major traumatic events that have left us in a state of hypervigilance. Addressing and resolving this state of hypervigilance is essential to restoring wellbeing. PTSD symptoms may appear soon after a traumatic experience, but could also take months or years to manifest. PTSD symptoms could appear as (1) reliving the event; (2) avoidance of similar situations or people that trigger memories of the traumatic event; (3) feeling numb and unable to express feelings about the event; (4) always being in a state of hypervigilance and (5) even feeling disconnected from our body. Fast paced living is often a method used to not deal with our emotional health. Restorative therapeutic Yoga requires us to slow down

Dry Brushing for Skin Detox

Dry brushing is believed to detoxify by stimulating lymph flow to improve the function of the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes are in various parts of our body, including the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen (belly), and groin. The lymphatic system does not have an active pump like the circulatory system. Aiding in the movement of the fluid by gently brushing can prevent swelling caused by stagnation. Dry brushing also helps exfoliate skin as we increase circulation to the skin surface. The massage technique is performed by starting the brushing at the feet, in wide, circular, progressive motions toward our heart center.